ChatGPT vendor lock

ChatGPT vendor lock

What is this trend of selling ChatGPT as part of your business model ("look what we can do with ChatGPT") ? You are in fact becoming a reseller of something you have zero control of. Creating huge vendor locks. Dangerous.

For organisations that are busy finding environmental correct solutions, think again. AI is power hungry in every phase (offline models are slightly better though). And matter of fact; if you use generated texts, for some reason, it can be detected, no surprises there. Furthermore, ChatGPT has zero context awareness. It's just a 'very smart' chatbot, which with correct prompting (+1 on that though :)) shows decent results.

I think that you can improve businesses and experience of work by providing sensuable solutions using ai (not only with a chatbot), aimed at solving problems. Rather than introducing a whole lot of new problems.

I think a lot of problems can be solved using technologies such as Natural Language Processing (speech recognition, naturual-language processing etc), text to speech, automated decision making, recommendation systems, entity recognition and some I forget. But those require knowledge of the subject, not just an account and a online environment. Real engineering.

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