We all know these stories that robots are taking over (our jobs). Well, they are not. They are able to make our jobs easier - machines at factories, for example. Artificial intelligence is the next new robots are taking over phenomonom and in my opinion, it is often misunderstood. Currently, ChatGPT is the best ai example available, and used within lots of solutions already. But ChatGPT is just a one single example of AI. You need to take in account that AI is hard to understand and comes with some big caveats.

The first caveat of AI is that is trained by people. This is the biggest weakness of AI in general, in my opinion. People make mistakes. Data may be poorly arranged, biased, hard to index, unrelational and in same cases impossible to turn into feasable information and thus - in the long run - models. Possibly resulting in poorly trained models that can lead to racism, sexism (https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/07/16/racist-robots-ai/) and bias in all kinds of fields. Even when you look further than ChatGPT, can result in death, for example when self-driving cars are unable to function.

Secondly, AI is power hungry. It draws lot of power and effort in all phases of it's existence. This does not match the current power issues that are experienced in Europe, for example. While the solutions that AI provides may be useful (for example, improving hearing, removing noise, restoring old photo's etc), it must be used wisely and not just as a gimmic or something for bragging rights: 'look at us, we just released a chatbot (... run by chatgpt)'. Alternatives such as TinyML, embedded ai or low power ai models are really becoming more powerful than traditional power hungry solutions, a great alternative.

At last, when you are using models and solutions such as (Chat)GPT, you have zero control and knowledge of how the model was trained. Is that really adding value? I beg to differ. I can think of so much more than fancy chatbots that provide wikipedia like features. AI technology can provide much more solutions for social problems, removing huge impediments. For example aiding physically handicaped people, reducing stress at work and much more. And that's something a chatbot can't provide.

That's something you need to build. And i'm already working on it.

'We got them AI'